Automated Link Exchanges – Easy PR Or SEO Nightmare?

Automated Link Building SystemsIm sure many of you, as I have, receive lots of spam email saying “we have placed your link on our PR4 site! please place a link back on your site.” For those of you new to SEO, PR refers to which is a value assigned by Google from 0-10 with 10 being the highest and almost impossible to get ranking. Even eBay is only a PR9! OBL stands for Out Bound Links which are simply links on a page that link to another web site. Pagerank is calculated, in part by how many IBL (In bound links) with each site counting as a vote. IBLs are the same as OBLs depending on who you are talking about – if its your site and the link is on another page its an IBL for you, to the site owner its an OBL because it links away from there site to yours. Am I making this confusing? Sorry, anyway read on.Now there are a number of reasons why these things are worthless and probably detrimental to your site. Here are the main reasons these things bug me so much:1) High PR? Not on the page your link is on!
The emails refer to a high PR site which is “”, and that domain may have a decent PR, maybe its a 4 or 6. However, thats NOT where your link is – your link is buried several folders down in their “links”section which usually has 10 to 20 pages with almost no PR and certainly no traffic.2) Lost in the crowd?
The page that your link has beenplaced on has 100 other links on it. Making the chance of someone clicking on your link almost zero – now I understand that most people are linking to build inbound links for PR purposes, but if your going to go to the trouble of trading links, you might as well go for something that has a chance of being clicked!3) PR To Spare! NOT
PR is divied up and distributed to all the outbound links on a page. To illustrate this (keep in mind these are bogus numbers for demonstration purposese)- Lets say that a PR6 site has a potential PR distribution value of 30,000 points – (say 10,000 points equals a PR 4) now theoreticall – based on research I have read and can provide if anyone wants it, if you had three outbound links on this page, each link would receive 10,000 points each and supply the equivalent of a PR4 to each of the 3 pages.Now, lets say that same PR6 page ads 3 more OBL. Now there are 6 OBL’s and each is getting 5000 points each (30,000/6=5000) and now each site is only getting the value worth a PR 2 or 3 passed to them.Now keep in mind, the numbers here are not accurate and are simplified, however the basis for this concept is ABSOLUTELY VERIFIED AND TRUE. There are several scientific studies and published reports on Pagerank that show this to be true.Now, on these link pages there are 50 to 100 or more links per page – the PR value they are passing is NEXT TO NOTHING.4) My links on! woohoo!
Google does not give must credence or value to link pages. So even of the link page has a high PR, the page is not views as “valuable” or “authoritative” by Google and therefore has even less value.5) Dont follow that link!
Its easy for these pages to link to “bad neighborhoods” as defined by the googles webmaster guidelines. The quality of all these automated links is very hard to manage and its highly likely that there are banned sites on the same page as your link will appear! This is a major red flag to google.6) Gimme Gimme Gimme, I need some more!
The sites that host these automated link farms (lets just call them what they are, i dont care what site its onits a mini link farm) are getting a GREAT benefit from all the suckers that link to them, heres why: When they ask for your link, they are hoping that the suckers out there will put the link into the site on a nice prominent page link there home page or a link page that doesn’t have 100 other links on it. Many uneducated webamsters might fall for this and think, “hey great a PR6 site will link to my dinky pr3 blog, ill putt here link right on my home page!” – well the site gets a valuable PR3 link with out much competiton, and the sucker PR3 blog owner gets basically nothing of value in return. This is just bad internet karma.In closing, while it seems like a great idea to automate the linking process and get your site linked on hundreds of pages using these “link building systems” – in reality it is just essentially another get rich quick scheme – or I guess in this case a “get PR quick scheme” and it will end up hurting you rather that helping you.You would be much better off spending your time cointacting relevant sites and actually exchanging links to old fashion way.© Copyright Wesley Warren 2007 – This article may be published via RSS or copied in whole as long as all the original links are left in place and unaltered and the complete text of the article stays in place including this copyright notice.

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